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Back to School!

September 28, 2008



We thought it was time to find out exactly what was out there for kids going back to school. We have tested and tasted many products ranging from organic peanut butter to school binders to printers and so much more. (Product Favorites) PC_ProductReviewPICKS_2.jpgOur request for back to school products brought in a large variety of items and we have worked our testers that range from age 4 to age 40! We are excited to share our findings with you.  (Next month we will do our Tech & Gadget Review.)


We also plan to give some of these great products away to you!  Enter our fun CONTEST & you may win one of the many products we have reviewed!  It is easy... submit a review on our  Travel or Recipe pages OR share your opinions on some of the products we reviewed.  We look forward to hearing from you!


~the ParentClick Team


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Back To School Back To School

~by Jenna McCarthy


When I was a kid, back-to-school shopping was pretty simple: You got to upgrade your lunch box (they were metal back then and by the end of the year they tended to look a lot like a crushed Diet Coke can), you got a new compass, protractor and ruler (even though these should have been fine from the previous year seeing as they were mostly unused, who could actually find them by the time Labor Day rolled around?) and of course, you were outfitted with a gross of standard-issue Number 2 pencils. On alternating years, you might have gotten a new book bag-presuming the straps on your old one had finally ripped all the way through.


Surprisingly, the must-have list hasn't changed that much in 30 some-odd years. Loose-leaf paper is still loose-leaf paper, even if it's stuffed inside a Hannah Montana binder as opposed to a Holly Hobby model. Hard to improve on the ruler or the compass, if you think about it. Of course, the book bag is now an ergonomically correct backpack, and the lunch box better be made of nontoxic, recycled plastic and come with its own BPA-free, reusable water bottle.


The difference these days are the endless choices, the limitless possibilities. Those backpacks and lunch boxes, even pencils and cell phone cases (cell phone cases!) can be customized, personalized, monogrammed and bejeweled. They can be made from 100% PCW or screen-printed with a favorite photo.

(Product Favorites) TheParentTrip_Jenna.jpg

Glue comes in a stick-how wonderfully convenient and mess-free! I tried pointing this out to my kids, but they just laughed at me. "Of course glue comes in a stick, mom," they taunted. "It's glue." I explained to them that when I was a kid, you had to squeeze the only milky model they made-Elmer's of course-out of a tube, and there was no such thing as glitter-glue. When they looked at me with blank, disbelieving stares, I resisted the urge to add that it only cost a quarter and that I had to walk uphill in the snow-both ways-to get it. I knew they'd never believe me.



Jenna McCarthy is the author of the newly released book The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties. When she's not reminiscing about the good old days of her youth, she can be found online at

Backpacks & Bags Backpacks & Bags

We tested messenger bags, backpacks, cell phone holders and laptop cases. Kids need them, dads need them, moms need them... they work for school, they work as diaper bags and they work for travel. Our favorites were the following:

  1. Fleurville Kids Messenger Bag - Adorable, functional and it can convert to a backpack for those kids that ride bikes to school.
  2. Casauri Messenger Laptop Bag - We loved this bag! It is hip, fun, stylish and all around great for any woman.
  3. Moodeez - A discreet yet hip way to take those little unmentionables to school or work.

For a complete list of all Bags & Backpacks reviewed, click here.

Back to School Products & Planners Back to School Products & Planners

When it comes to Back to School Products, Family Calendars & Planners, there are a lot of choices!   We reviewed a variety of products and came up with a few favorites:

  1. Cap Trappers - A great idea for anyone who has lost a pen cap! 
  2. Kwik Check - Check out these unique dry erase boards, they were a favorite of the kids' and teachers, too.
  3. Study Buddy Card Reader - An interactive flash card to challenge kids of all ages.
  4. Kids Memory Wizard - A simple tool for kids to master their math facts.
  5. Computer Cool School - This is much more than a keyboard and will keep young kids busy for hours with all the different programs.
  6. Little Stamp Company - A fun way to teach kids to spell their names with their own dotted font stamper.
  7. Busy Body Book - A stylish and functional way to stay organized. Each family member has their own slot so tracking activities and appointments is easy.
  8. Family Tacker - This wall calendar has so many ways to keep you family on track. A tool even dads will appreciate especially if mom is ever out of town.

For a complete list of Back to School Products & Family Calendars click here.

Healthy Snacks Healthy Snacks

It was great to see how many healthy products are on the market for families today.  Some of our favorites are:

  1. Barney Butter - In a word...yummy!
  2. Bot Water - This flavored water will be a favorite with kids.
  3. Fruitaceuticals - These delicious cranberries are very good - filled with antioxidants, the kid testers loved them!
  4. Ian's PB4me! - Individual-sized cups of oraganic peanut butter make packing school lunches a little easier.

For a complete list of all Snacks & Treats reviewed, click here.

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